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Evaluate. Engineer. Integrate.

Professionals experienced in electrical and instrumentation design and management.

CEI provides electrical engineering consulting with a focus on industrial applications such as mining and water/wastewater in the Southwest US. Services include engineered construction documents, quality control review, assisting with construction management, procurement, special inspection and owner representation, all within the EI&C disciplines.

More Than Just Electrical Engineering

Canfield Engineering & Integration, LLC (CEI) is an Arizona based company located in Chandler, Arizona and an office in El Paso Texas.  CEI provides Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls design engineering and process control.  CEI staff is highly qualified with experience in the water and wastewater community.  Our team has worked together in different capacities for a number of years and is a cohesive and effective group.  We have been successful in completing our projects on schedule and within budget, while maintaining a very high level of customer satisfaction. 

Quality Services For Over 20 Years!

Canfield is a family owned business that first opened its doors over 20 years ago in Chandler, Arizona.  Since then, CEI has experienced amazing growth in all sectors of Electrical System Management, each and every year.

Our Mission

Our goal is to not only provide our customers with the best possible products and services available in the space, but to ensure they educated and prepared for anything and everything to come.

There is no substitute for experience.

CEI has developed a company that is focused on providing high quality service.  We accomplish this by staffing our projects with qualified engineers, designers and programmers.  We emphasize an ethical code of conduct, command attention to detail, and provide our employees with an exceptional work-place environment. We also work to maintain an overhead that is competent and experienced in our staffing requirements. CEI is ready to meet your needs. 

Electrical Instrumentation and Controls Engineering

Programming and Power Studies

Project Management and Alternative Delivery

Electrical Consulting

System Integration and SCADA Services

Electrical Compliance

“Canfield Engineering has responded very quickly to problems in the field and is highly dependable. The work is polished and well thought through. CEI is a very innovative company that thinks outside the box well and looks to save the client money.  They have a talented staff and outstanding leadership.”

“My staff really enjoyed working with CEI. They were open to input, shared their ideas and presented a very impressive solution.  We will be requesting Canfield’s services for future projects!”

“CEI was more than just technically competent, they listen to you and most importantly are ‘Good People’.  They have my highest recommendation!  Ben Canfield is a stand up guy and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.”