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 Canfield Engineering & Integration is proud to serve the Industrial and Water/Wastewater communities with an Electrical Engineering, Programming and System Integration based solutions team. Our core value is to provide exceptional service and client value by delivering services, products, and tools exceeding our clients expectations. Our purpose is to provide innovative technical and business solutions to facilitate the success of our clients and company’s core business areas and in turn enhance human health and environment.

Why Us?

 Canfield Engineering & Integration (CEI),  is an Arizona based company located in Chandler, Arizona and operates throughout the Southwest. CEI is a full service, Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls design engineering and process control company. CEI staff is highly qualified with experience in multiple industries such as industrial mining, utility power distribution and water/wastewater communities. The CEI team has worked together in different capacities for a number of years and is a cohesive and effective group. 

CEI is driven to develop a company that is focused on providing high quality service. We accomplish this by staffing our projects with qualified engineers, designers and programmers. We emphasize an ethical code of conduct, commanding attention to detail, and providing our employees with an exceptional work-place environment, while maintaining an overhead that is proportionate to our staffing requirements.

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