About Canfield Engineering & Integration

Canfield Engineering & Integration (CEI) is a highly trained staff of engineers, inspectors, project managers and safety professionals with decades of experience in their fields.

CEI’s financial and technical leadership resources, along with our broad variety of design and integration experience, provides creative thinking to provide our clients with increased efficiency in our design, installation, and support of existing SCADA systems. Our expertise with multiple programming platforms, along with our experience to provide design for both power and control systems, allows for a well-rounded, efficient solutions. Our procurement and installation experience allow our team to design to a high level of constructability standards.

More Than Just Qualified!

Our staff has a powerful technical background with software and hardware of Server management, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). HMI experience includes, but is not limited to iFIX, Enervista and System Platform Operator Interface. Our PLC experience includes Rockwell, Modicon, Siemens, Automation Direct amongst many others. Our Modicon experience includes not only M340 and 580’s, but also older versions, which has allowed us to assist other clients with conversion to the newer platforms. Our staff possesses the ability to implement thorough solutions to solve issues efficiently while minimizing system down time. CEI utilizes Microsoft Project for scheduling and project organization.

Our personnel background and capabilities equip the company with lower overhead, allowing more project scope to be completed within the negotiated budget. CEI utilizes QuickBooks as a financial tool to look back at the time spent on projects. QuickBooks allows us to assist our clients in efforts to analyze project percent complete and project tracking.

CEI project management systems and tools are based on the principal that communication and responsiveness are the foundation of all successful projects.

The Canfield Engineering staff has performed a variety of projects within these industries, to name a few:

Transmission & Distribution Lines

Electrical Substations

Power Generation (Including Renewable Energy)

Water & Wastewater Plant

Commercial Shell & Tenant Improvements

Lift Stations


Booster Stations

Semi-Conductor Facility Design & Construction